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A Quiet Day in the Strait: Chilean Patagonia 11.19.2013
Quite the Day in Patagonia: Chilean Patagonia 11.19.2013
A Night On Shore: Chilean Patagonia 11.19.2013
Relax and Watch the World Go By: Chilean Patagonia 11.19.2013
Rounding the Horn: Chilean Patagonia 11.19.2013
Sailing, Sailing...Over the BOUNDING Main: The Drake Passage 11.09.2013
We Bagged Our Third Penguin: S. Shetland Islands, Antartica 11.09.2013
From Whence We Came: South Shetland Islands, Antarctica 11.09.2013
Standing on the Mainland Once More: Graham Land, Antarctica 11.09.2013
It Only Gets Better... (Graham Land, Antarctica) 11.09.2013
Penguin Party! Graham Land, Antarctica 11.08.2013
The Unpredictable Antarctic: South Shetland Islands 11.08.2013
Sailing, Sailing...Over the Bounding Waves: Drake Passage 11.08.2013
End of the World, Beginning of Adventure 11.08.2013
Head 'em Up, Move 'em Out: Beyond Buenos Aires 11.07.2013
Let's Tango! 11.07.2013
New Hotel, Same City 11.07.2013
Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay (for most of the day) 11.07.2013
A Quiet Sunday in the Southern Hemisphere 11.07.2013
Setting Foot in South America: Buenos Aires, Argentina 11.07.2013
Susie and John Head South...Way South 11.07.2013