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Susie and John Head South...Way South 11.07.2013
Setting Foot in South America: Buenos Aires, Argentina 11.07.2013
A Quiet Sunday in the Southern Hemisphere 11.07.2013
Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay (for most of the day) 11.07.2013
New Hotel, Same City 11.07.2013
Let's Tango! 11.07.2013
Head 'em Up, Move 'em Out: Beyond Buenos Aires 11.07.2013
End of the World, Beginning of Adventure 11.08.2013
Sailing, Sailing...Over the Bounding Waves: Drake Passage 11.08.2013
The Unpredictable Antarctic: South Shetland Islands 11.08.2013
Penguin Party! Graham Land, Antarctica 11.08.2013
It Only Gets Better... (Graham Land, Antarctica) 11.09.2013
Standing on the Mainland Once More: Graham Land, Antarctica 11.09.2013
From Whence We Came: South Shetland Islands, Antarctica 11.09.2013
We Bagged Our Third Penguin: S. Shetland Islands, Antartica 11.09.2013
Sailing, Sailing...Over the BOUNDING Main: The Drake Passage 11.09.2013
Rounding the Horn: Chilean Patagonia 11.19.2013
Relax and Watch the World Go By: Chilean Patagonia 11.19.2013
A Night On Shore: Chilean Patagonia 11.19.2013
Quite the Day in Patagonia: Chilean Patagonia 11.19.2013
A Quiet Day in the Strait: Chilean Patagonia 11.19.2013